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Monday, March 5, 2012

As you can gather from my recent bout of silence, the ability to care about cooking has been nonexistent lately.  I took a trip to visit my folks (which translates to a week long blissful vacation from cooking) which accounts for some of it.

For my birthday I got the best gift EVER: friends of mine made dinner and dessert for me.  No planning, no cooking.  Beyond awesome.  There was enough to last a couple of days, which accounts for some more.

Then there have been the nights when I have ventured into the the kitchen with a plan and ingredients.  These have not gone so well.  One night I was going to make a roast chicken, and I wanted to try out a recipe where you make said chicken in the crock pot.  (I believe I have mentioned before my adoration of the concept of the crockpot, but the inability to find recipes that we like).  They suggested a large chicken in one of those mondo-sized oval shaped crocks, and that it would cook in 4-8 hours.  Rather large discrepancy of time there.  As I had a small chicken and only a regular (off brand) crock, I guessed it would cook in about five hours. I was wrong.  It took a full 8 hours to cook that baby, and by the time it was actually cooked, it was 8 PM and we had already made a dinner of hot dogs. 

Tonight was your typical venture into the kitchen.  I remembered to thaw pork chops this morning, and had all the ingredients I needed (parmesan shake & bake FTW), but when I opened the package of chops I discovered they were so badly freezerburned that there was no point in continuing. (Freezerburn, yuck.  Yes a first world problem, I know.)

I assume that some day we will eventually stop having these problems (although admittedly I doubt it).  In the meantime, I shall hope to win the lottery so I can afford a cook.


  1. This is the first week I actually planned dinner and checked with my honey to get his input. Fingers crossed I actually make all of these meals this week.