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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Further Winning

Last night was awesome.  I made homemade mac n cheese (because we've been watching The Biggest Loser on Netflix, and for someone in Season one (yes, I know, we're seriously behind) their big "comfort food" was mac n cheese, and I kept seeing the bowl of it in their cooler thing behind the table where they have elimination meetings.  (Is it just me or is calling it "eliminations" on a show about dieting just a little on the icky side? Maybe it's just me...) 

I have a recipe for my friend Susan's fabulous mac n cheese, I am unable to replicate it so it comes out tasting like hers (Despite years of attempts), but this time it didn't come out half bad (but still not as good as hers!)  I made a half recipe, because The Little One will not touch homemade mac n cheese, and even baked it in this nifty pottery crock I bought years ago and rarely use.  Not only did it come out good (and not burned), but I made JUST ENOUGH so we ate it all and there were no leftovers!  I made a box of mac n cheese for the kiddo (because four year olds like the powdered cheese crap.  I remember liking the stuff, but it tastes like dog food to me now.  Not that I've ever eaten dog food.)

And today was even better. Mike suggested that burgers on the grill sounded nice since we were having unseasonably warm weather, but instead of going to the store to get the stuff to make it, he showed up at home and took us to Five Guys, instead.


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