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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cornbread....ain't nothin wrong with that!

 After another weekend of slacking (oh, and Mike cooked the other day, too), I got back on the cooking thing tonight.  Mostly because I had pork chops in the fridge and wanted to fix them before they went rancid and I had to throw them out.  (This happens with obnoxious frequency in our house.)

The problem really was that I find it impossible to have pork chops without cornbread.  And in our household, there is no such thing as "leftover" cornbread.  (I cheat and use the Jiffy mix. 50 cents and dump the box in a bowl, add egg and milk.  Love it.)  However, today is day four in our household attempt to cut back on calories and lose a few pounds.  So you can see the problem.  Devouring a pan of cornbread is not really "cutting back" on calories. 

But I had the pork chops, so I went ahead to fix them.  And the genius thing was I actually attempted to plan ahead to have the whole meal done at ONE TIME.  A complete  meal, not just cereal and milk.  So I mixed and baked the cornbread, then cooked the chops, and then even made some wilted spinach to go with it.  Greens just seemed to "fit" the whole southern meal thing.  They don't have collards up this far north, so we went with spinach.  Honestly, I love spinach raw.  Cooked however, it's not my favorite.  I was explaining to Mike over dinner how I believe my dislike over cooked greens comes from elementary school.  They always seemed to serve "mixed greens" on the same day or the day after they cut the grass outside.  I know, I know, it was just coincidence.  But can you see a difference between a cafeteria serving of heated, previously frozen "mixed greens" and an ice-cream scoop of cooked, chopped up grass?  I can't.  Ick.

I cooked the spinach too soon, so it was tepid by the time the chops were cooked through, but still, progress on the whole planning a complete meal, getting it to the table at the same time thing.  And the cornbread....mmmmmmm.

(Bonus points for anyone who knows where the title comes from.)

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  1. Great job on cooking, Lee! I love fresh spinach cooked in a pan with some garlic and a bit of lemon juice to finish. I can eat bags of it, which is a bad thing. The body is not meant to digest that much spinach all at once.