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Monday, January 30, 2012


Yes, I've been a slacker lately. Friday, we opted for Chinese take out. Saturday was "family fun day" and we ended up in another part of the state-- far, far from my kitchen.  And yesterday was possibly the laziest day in the universe, where the most stressful thing I did was open a Smirnoff ice and a package of cookies. (It was blissful.  If not extremely telling about why my jeans are overly snug.)

What is great about breaks such as these is that after you come back to your regular routine with a renewed sense of vigor.  So tonight, I actually have dinner planned.  Tri-color pasta. Jarred sauce. Bagged salad.  Bottled dressing. Packaged croutons.  Frozen garlic bread.

This is almost a new low, even for me.  Normally I make my own sauce, and even often tackle making bread.  But not today.  Again folks, I call this winning.

0}:D (See the devil's horns holding up that halo?)

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